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Composite bonding is an effective cosmetic dental treatment that can be used to treat a variety of issues. The main uses of cosmetic bonding are to cover up discolorations in teeth, to close gaps between teeth, to replace bits of tooth that have chipped off and to reshape teeth. It is a relatively inexpensive treatment that can be easily altered or, if needed, re-done.

The term cosmetic bonding refers to the procedure of ‘dentally glueing’ white composite resin to teeth. It is a tricky technique to master but done properly, is extremely effective and will look completely natural. Many dentists do not offer this treatment as it is rather artistic and takes a lot of practise to fully grasp. Dentists who do offer this treatment typically charge around £70+ per tooth for the procedure and it usually takes half an hour or so per tooth to complete.

Composite resin comes in a wide array of colours so it is possible to get an exact match with the patients natural tooth colour; it is often combined with a whitening treatment for patients who want a beautiful smile. The whitening is done first and the composite can then be used to fill gaps between teeth for example to give a gleaming, perfect smile.

One of the best things about composite bonding is that it can be very easily undone, this is a great benefit for patients as if they are not happy with their teeth after the procedure has been carried out, they can quickly revert to how their teeth looked before the bonding. Another major benefit is that cosmetic bonding does not require any drilling and will not affect the teeth underneath.  When compared to procedures such as veneers for example which do require drilling and will have a rather large effect on the patient’s natural tooth, composite bonding sounds like a great option!

Expect longevity of between three and five years for composite bonding work. Composite is a weaker material than ceramic or porcelain so will not last as long, the price however, and the fact it is rather quick and relatively easy for a skilled dentist to replace makes up for this. Being careful when eating hard, brittle foods such as biscuits or nuts will greatly add to the life expectancy of the composite, due care should also be taken when indulging in sticky foods such as toffee.

As mentioned, composite bonding requires a rather large amount of artistic talent from the dentist – if you are thinking of going for this treatment, take a look at work your chosen cosmetic dentist has recently undertaken to give you a better idea of the likely way in which they can help you improve your smile!

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